Ice house

A terrazzo slab was all that remained on the property. The pecan trees. The breeze.  And a simple idea, cold beer.  The new building was simple too, a shack really, built on cedar post, and framed up by two buddies, Mike y Mike.  Tin siding.  And open shutters for the breeze.  And in the beginning, an ice machine and a horse trough.  Beer on ice.  Simple. And so it has been for twenty five years, a place to sit, talk and drink beer.


the grill

Located behind the Icehouse the Gill has made a popular name for itself within San Antonio’s South-Town culinary scene. Chef Mark cooks up delicious fusions of Tex-Mex, Seafood, Cajun, and American Classics. Offering weekly soup specials, fresh salads, and savory burgers and sandwiches.  And Anna runs the “front of the house” making the downtown office crowd happy at lunch and providing a family-friendly environment all the time.  Grab a bite before venturing out to explore South-Town. And don’t forget the cold beer!